Sunday 19th February, 2017


8:00 am for Prompt 8:30 am Start -

12:00 pm - Finish

12:00 pm - Group Photo - This will be an historical photo, being published in the upcoming WAPF 2017 Club Book.

12:30 pm - AGM - Tea, Coffee & Sandwiches for AGM Attendee’s

AGM is expected to be completed within the hour.


Tompkins on the Swan

Cnr Dunkley Ave & Canning Highway, Alfred Cove

LINK to the location website


Up to 4 Members of your Club Committee can attend for no cost.

Others from your Club can attend, however there will be a catering cost applied.

Program - Includes the following:

  1. 1.Presentation by WACC regarding upcoming WAPF Events for 2017

  2. 2.Presentation by Michael Phillips - Nikon Australia

  3. 3.Breakfast - 9:30 am

  4. 4.WAPF Events other - including competitions.

  5. 5.Presentations - Benefits of spreading the club influence into local and camera communities.

  6. 6.Automating Club Photo Competitions

  7. 7.Copyright / privacy policies.

  8. 8.Forum - Q & A Session

2017 Program.pdf  - For the full program

What to Bring:

Your questions - and any ideas - no need to deliver a presentation this year...

A couple of $’s for the Raffle...

Your best smiley face for the group photo :)


Visiting from a Country Club and would like to be billeted? City WAPF Members are offering accommodation to those who would like to make the journey to Perth a day earlier and arrive a little more refreshed!

Click on the above link and we will do our best to ensure you’re looked after.

Images Below:

2015 Meeting - courtesy of Ric McDonald.

OFFICE BEARERS BREAKFAST: - Indicate your attendance above...

Originally called the ‘Presidents Breakfast’, the Officer Bearers Breakfast has been expanded to fund up to four of your Club’s committee so that we can all gain from the experience of the WAPF Affiliated Camera Club’s membership.

Consider this as an opportunity to learn, share and have your questions answered. 

It is also a great opportunity to put faces to emails / clubs and to further the terrific relationships we form.

This year’s Brunch is earlier in the calendar year to provide information on forthcoming events to giving you the opportunity to promote upcoming activities and to garner ideas for your club.

AGM: - Indicate your attendance above right - you can attend both or just either..

The Annual WAPF AGM is being held at the same day as the Office Bearers Breakfast to save costs and minimize annual travel requirements, especially for country club members who would like to attend, and for the following reasons:

  1. 1.Hear Annual Reports from:  President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  2. 2.Elect / Re-Elect Committee Members.  Note some positions will be closed due to the timings of the office bearers time in their roles.

  3. 3.Confirm / modify the Annual Affiliation Fee’s - these have not changed in past 10 years.

  4. 4.Notice of Motions- Your individual opportunity to raise a WAPF / Club related topic to request a change or indicate a concern with the management / running of the WAPF.  Note - this is not an opportunity for a personal grievous, but rather a club member opportunity to raise a topic to the broader AGM attendance to offer a suggestion / make a change to the running of / or management of the WAPF.

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Images Below:

Presidents Breakfast, 2013 - Images - Kingsley Klau

Images Below:

2016 Meeting - Gosnells Golf Club - Images - Kingsley Klau