WAPF invite affiliated club members to participate in competitions and exhibitions which are held at various intervals across each year.  Some competitions are open to individual members, such as ClickWest and In My View, others may be Club Competitions, such as PrintWest.

Participating in competitions and attending the events where the images are displayed allows members to see the very best images members are creating.  It is also an opportunity to see trends and advances in technique and product associated with the creation of photography as an art form.

Important Competition Downloads

The WAPF has adopted a set of common or 'Core Rules' that apply generally to competitions.  However, our competitions may have additional or modified rules specific to that competition.   These will be detailed in the specific competition information.  You must read the Core Rules in association with the Competiton Rules.  Click here to read the Generic/Core Competition Rules      

WAPF Model Agreement  The WAPF has created a basic Model release form for use by clubs or individuals wishing to obtain written permission from models to use their images.

ClickWest 2020

Competition 2020 

The goal of the ClickWest digital photography competition is to recognise and celebrate diversity across various genres of photography and to identify and reward individuals who have excelled across multiple genres through the portfolio prize.  

To get you shooting for 2020 here are the topics

Landscape - Open - Any 'scape' that includes a component of the Earth's surface

Portrait - Environmental - An images about a living person involved in an activity

Mono - Street Photography - An image about a chance encounter and/or random incident within a public place

Close Up - Living Thing/s - An image that reflects the small/fine detail of a living thing (excluding humans). 
To clarify, the subject must be alive at the time the photo was taken.

Cliick Her,e to see the 2019 winning images.

PrintWest 2019 Completed

The following links are provided for 2019 results
Gallery of finalist images
Summary of 2019 club scores  
Complete list of interclub individual scores

To engage participation and social interaction between member clubs across the state and to promote the value of a printed image, each year WAPF invites clubs to participate in an interclub competition, resulting in PrintWest.
The competition cannot be entered directly by individuals.  Images are preselected by their club and submitted as a Club Entry.  There are two outcomes associated with each of these competitions.  As an Interclub Competition, clubs will be winners.  Photographers of images shortlisted are invited to provide a print of their image.  The printed picture will be judged and individuals awarded.

Details for 2020 are not likely to be published until after February, through rules are expected to be the same as PrintWest 2019



Fishing WA 2019

Competition 2019


  Entries for Fishing WA open on 3rd May  2019 and close May 31st  9th June

The theme is Fishing WA which encompases any thing related to fishing in Western Australia, Fisher persons, Fishing Boats, Ocean Fishing, Beach Fishing, River Fishing

Further information CLICK HERE . .

In My View 2019

 Entries open for Photographers on April 1st

In My View is more than photography competition.  It is a competition that aims to demonstrate how the story of a photograph is seen through the eye of the beholder. Amateur photographers will be encouraged to submit their best work, specifically photographs they believe tell a great story.

Twenty images are shortlisted as finalists.  Writers are invited to create a story in prose or poetry inspired by one of these images. The resultant body of work, being photographs with an accompanying story, are published in abook.

The topic for 2019 is “Broken”

To find out more click here