History of the West Australian Photographic Federation Inc

The inaugural meeting of the Photographic Society of West Australia was held at the Postal Institute on Friday, 19 February 1960, the Society became known as the West Australian Photographic Federation and later became an Incorporated Association.

Mr Gray, Secretary of the Australian Photographic Federation contacted Ted Roche suggesting that a photographic society be created in Western Australia. A number of camera clubs existed in the State at the time and as a collective, we could be a member of the Australian Federation. At a committee meeting of the WA Camera Club, Eddie Edwards agreed to start the ball rolling, calling ourselves the Photographic Society of Western Australia.

At the inaugural meeting officers elected were
E. Edwards - President
Mrs. Parker - Secretary
Messrs Miller, Baker, Roche   Committee (Temporary)

In May 1961 the Photographic Society of West Australia was officially recognised and the only change to the committee being Mr Kaune replaced Mr Miller.

The constitution was adopted on 13th October 1961 and all clubs whose registration was paid by 31st October 1961 were declared Foundation Members.





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